African Taekwondo Union (AFTU)
President                   :           Major General /Ahmed Fouly
Secretary General       :           Mrs. Nadia Sobhi
Location                    :           64, Ramsis Extension.2 Nasr City, Egypt
Tel.:002022631737- Fax :002022617576

AFTU was established in 1999, and its foundation was announced during the First General Assembly held in Cairo, Egypt in May, 1999.
This meeting was held upon WTF request, and it consisted of 20 Member Nations. A resolution was announced that the AFTU Headquarters will be in Cairo, Egypt .As of Jan. 2014, the Member Nations have increased to be 50 members in 2014, and the last country to join was Mauritania.

AFTU is divided into 5 zones : North, South, East , West and Central. Each zone has its own activities, in addition to the general activities of AFTU.
Also, each zone has its President (Vice President AFTU) , a member and a coordinator to facilitate the relationship between AFTU Headquarters and the zones.
AFTU target is to increase participation of African athletes in international events, thereby promoting taekwondo in the African continent. In addition, it is also our role to hold Kyorugi and Poomsae referees seminars to raise the level of African referees’ competency. Thirdly, AFTU is responsible for arranging instructors seminars, thereby raising the level of African coaches and enabling them to lead their athletes to an Olympic medal.
Ultimately, this is our vision and we are doing our utmost to reach this target. We can only fulfill our dream, if we all as African countries unite and reach out to help each other together with WTF support and guidance.  Only through this unity can Africa progress and achieve the international placement it deserves.