condolence‏ From AFTU


Dear Council Members and Presidents and Secretaries General of MNAs

A tragic incident occurred on April, 16 in the sea of Jin-do Korea on a ferry boat . Up to this date , there are 25 confirmed deaths and 271 persons are still missing. Most of the persons on the ferry were young high school students.

Currently, the Korean government is sparing to effort to rescue the missing people who had been on a four day field trip.

Due to this sad accident and since the country is in mourning , all kinds of festivities have been indefinitely postponed, including the opening ceremony of Taekwondowon which was scheduled for April 24, 2014.

We hereby would like to ask you to send condolence letters to the President of WTF, expressing your sincere condolences on this tragic event and your wish that all those still missing are found .

Appreciating your understanding, I remain,

Sincerely Yours,

Nadia Sobhi

African Taekwondo Union(AFTU)

Secretary General