Announcement of the hosting countries for 2015 WTF Kyorugi/Poomsae IRS & IRRC

Please find below the WTF International Kyorugi Referee Seminar (IRS) and International Kyorugi Referee Refresher Course (IRRC) as well as the WTF International Poomsae Referee Seminar (IRS) and International Poomsae Referee Refresher Course (IRRC) to be held in 2015.

Upon thorough screening of all applications submitted to the WTF by December 10, 2014, the WTF has selected the following countries for hosting the seminars and refresher courses.

International Kyorugi IRS & IRRC

Continent, City, Country, Period

Taipei, Chinese Taipei, Early of June

Trujillo, Peru, End of March

Tunisia, Tunis, March 19-23

Europe,Montenegro, June 10-23

International Poomsae IRS & IRRC

Continent, City, Country, Period

Asia,Tehran, Iran, May 17-21