DR Congo National Team hosted by AFTU President , Gen. Ahmed Fouly, in Cairo


A delegation from DR Congo National Team , consisting of 12 athletes ( 6 females, 6 males), 4 coaches , a physician and Executive Council Member, were hosted by Gen. Fouly , WTF Vice President and AFTU President , to hold a training camp in Cairo for a period of ten days from 20.8.- 30.8.2015.

This intensive training program of ten days is in preparation for the All African Games , Congo , Brazzaville , where the Taekwondo Championship (G4) will be held from 16-19 Sep. 2015. The Congolese Team is holding 2 training units in Zuhour Club every day, and AFTU has arranged for several encounters with Egyptian Taekwondo Clubs. The first co-training was held on Monday, 24th Aug. with a Military Club , Haikstep, and the event was very satisfying to both teams.

It is clear that this kind of meeting between African Youth is bringing African countries closer together , not only African Taekwondo is promoted but it also encourages exchange of ideas and culture between all African people.