African Olympic QT on 6-7 Feb.2016 in Agadir, Morocco


11 African Countries Qualify with 16 athletes for Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016 after African Olympic QT on 6-7 Feb.2016 in Agadir, Morocco

In an unprecedented show of Moroccan organizational excellence and immense hospitality, in addition to exquisite weather conditions, 11 African countries qualified with 16 athletes for the Olympic Games , Rio 2016 after participating in the AQT on 6-7 Feb. 2016, which was held in Agadir, Morocco. 30 countries participated with 86 athletes in the Tournament, which showed the unique persistence of African MNAs to try to get a ticket to Rio , even though many suffered from visa problems, long distances to travel, in addition to funding difficulties for their teams. But it was not in vain. The 11 countries , which qualified for this precious ticket , are : Niger, Cote d'Ivoire, DR Congo, Gabon, Cap Verde, Mali, Senegal , Tunis, Libya, Morocco and Egypt.

Another event highlighting the AQT , was the election of two members ( one male , one female )for the WTF Athletes Committee, which was done during the weigh in of the athletes. The criterion of the candidate consisted of being over 25 years and having officially retired from competition during the last 8 years from date of submitting their request. 4 males and 4 female athletes were nominated , and the result of the election were : Ousmane Dandobi Mahamane (Male) and Hamsa Adamou (Female ), both from Niger.

Congratulations to all those who will fight for Africa in Rio and for those two athletes who will fight for African athletes' rights on the political level in WTF.