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Date: 2016-08-31


Dear Continental Unions, I am pleased to inform you that today we launched the new GMS Facebook page. I have included the link to this below also. I have also attached some posts I would appreciate if your CU Facebook manager can post on your respective CU Facebook pages over the next couple of weeks starting from today. This is very important to grow the number of likes on the new page and attract traffic. If you could each kindly confirm when you have done this it would be appreciated.

Secondly, as your aware the GMS approved bylaws and cover letter was sent by SG Rafaty on August 10th to all MNAs and I have subsequently followed up personally with all 206 MNAs. My team is now working with each one of the MNAs to implement the new GMS and prepare for the official launch as of October 3rd. I have attached the respective bylaws and cover letter in English, French, spanish and Arabic and would appreciate if you could also email to your members to tell them to read the info carefully and to follow up with any questions to their assigned GMS contact point.

Only with your full support and co-operation can we ensure that this very big project is a success.

Any questions, please ask

Kind regards

Justin Tenbeth

Director - World Taekwondo Global Membership System (GMS)

Kindly find all documents from the below link:!AqOWjY2Zuwfxk2z65qdEj0RwhFvg

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