Re: African Para Taekwondo Open

Date: 2016-10-20


Member Nations Associations

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the fact that Para-Taekwondo is rapidly developing world wide, and in order to provide higher level international competitions for Para-Taekwondo athletes, WTF has recommended that Continental Para Taekwondo Open should be given a G-4/G-2 ranking on annual basis.
And since we are entering the Paralympic cycle as of 2017 leading up to 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, ranking will be part of the qualifying procedures for the Games.
In this respect, we are asking any MNA who would like to host the African Para Taekwondo Open in 2017 , to apply for such event , bearing in mind that the event should be scheduled from Jan.2017- May, 2017. Please note that the event can be held in connection with WTF G-1 or G-2 or Continental Championship or as a separate event.

For clarification, please find attached WTF information on the concept of Continental Para Taekwondo Open .

Appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Sincere regards,
Nadia Sobhi

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