Business Plan for implementation of GMS in AFTU MNAs!AqOWjY2ZuwfxnC7oAX1XoWrF2IoI

Date: 2017-04-24

Presidents Member Nations Associations

Dear Colleagues,
Greetings from AFTU
Please find attached the Business Plan for implementation of GMS , which has been concluded together with WTF and approved by AFTU President, in three languages : English , French and Arabic.
The target of the Business Plan is that by 2018 all MNAs should be registered in the system . As you know, GMS membership is mandatory in order to participate in any Championship as of 2017.
We are counting on your support and cooperation to surprise the world by showing them our compliance to this request as of now.
In order to facilitate the process , please find three links below in three languages , which I hope will motivate you to begin with registration right away.

English -
French -
Arabic -

Your support and assistance in achieving our targets are highly appreciated.
Sincere regards,
Nadia Sobhi

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Cairo, Egypt
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