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Date: 2017-10-17

Presidents Member Nations Associations

World Taekwondo Africa (WTAF)

Dear Colleagues,

Attached please find Application Form for WT Recognition of 2018 International Open Taekwondo Tournament.

In case any MNA wishes to host an Open International Championship in 2018, the attached application form is to be signed by the President of the MNA , and duly filled out and then sent to WTAF , together with the recognition fee.

The recognition fee of USD 5000.- ( Five Thousand US Dollars ) is to be transferred to the WTAF bank account. Bank details are as follows :

Bank name: Bank Misr, Cairo – Egypt

Swift code: BMISEGCX101

Bank Address: Bank Misr, Saving Department, 17 Gawad Hosni Str. – Cairo – Egypt

Acct. No.: 10112000038163

Beneficiary name: African Taekwondo Union

IBAN No.: ID 14970204

Kindly note that any application received after 29th Oct. 2017, will not be accepted.

WTAF will then screen the filled out Applications and send them to WT by no later than 30th Oct.2017. Sanction fees for MNAs , whose applications were rejected by WTAF , will be refunded .

MNAs are to strictly comply with WTF Competition Rules. WTF shall announce the successful WT sanctioned international Open tournaments by no later than Nov. 1st , 2017.

Wishing everybody best of success, I remain,

Sincerely Yours,

Gen. Ahmed Fouly

WT Vice President

WTAF President

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Cairo, Egypt
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