REGISTER/RENEW 2016 WTF Global Licence NOW

Date: 2015-11-23


Member Nations Associations

African Taekwondo Union (AFTU)

Dear Colleagues,

The WTF GMS Team have made extreme efforts to enhance the WTF GMS system and to prepare for the upcoming year 2016.

In this respect , please find attached the 2016 WTF License & Event Registration Process & FAQs for your review and distribution among your individual members through all available platforms e.g. email, website, face book and so on.

It is of utmost importance that all MNAs as well as their members understand the above mentioned process in order to ensure smoother registration process, in addition to reduced administration efforts for all involved parties.

Kindly find below links which are also available on WTF website and have been posted on WTF face book page and share them with your members:

Letter to MNA& GMS Admins:

1. WTF License Registration Process -

2. WTF Event Registration Process -

3. WTF GMS FAQ`s -

4. Kindly share the 3 posts which were posted on WTF face book page today with your members -

The distribution of this information is extremely important for the continued growth of the GMS and for the benefit of all members..

Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.

Sincere regards,

Nadia Sobhi


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