Important WTF GMS Updates 2 - English

Date: 2016-01-22


To: Presidents, Secretaries General and GMS Administrators,
WTF Member National Associations (MNA’s)
Re: Olympic Weight Division Selection Period Extended & Do Not Leave Licencing Until Last Minute
Dear Sir/madam,
I am pleased to inform you that the window for you as GMS MNA admin to change the Olympic weight division for your athletes in 2016 has been extended. The final deadline is set for Friday January 29th at 5.00pm Swiss time. Please ensure you make the necessary change (if any) by then. If no change is made to the Olympic Weight Division in the system, the athlete automatically keeps the previously selected (if made) Olympic Weight Division.
Please also inform ALL your members that they must register/renew their WTF Global Licence at least 2 months before the tournament they wish to register for. Approvals of documents takes up to 7 days and you and your members must respect the process and the rules. Leaving online registration for any tournament to the last minute without a valid WTF Licence and/or uploaded and approved documentation you and your members run the risk of missing out.
I would also like to inform you that the digital certificates that Ms. Yuliya Ladysh sent to your MNA GMS administrators to install on their computer will be linked with their respective WTF Licence accounts starting from the 1st of April. This provides another layer of security to ensure only your assigned admins can access your member’s information. They will be unable to log into their GMS account without this certificate installed
I strongly recommend that you allow your members or Club/Region Admin to complete the WTF Licence Registration process which will greatly reduce the work load on your GMS MNA Admin but still enable you to retain 100% control in the approval of their WTF Licence.
With the continual growth of the WTF GMS it is very important that each MNA ensure they have a GMS administrator to do their job diligently as your members rely on you for their licence to be approved in a timely manner to allow them to register for events in 2016.
For any questions on the above please contact Mr Kabir Kar at
Yours Sincerely
Justin Tenbeth
Director – WTF Global Membership System (GMS)

64 Ramsis Extension.2 Nasr City
Cairo, Egypt
Tel.:202 2631737 Fax:202 2617576
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